Piano pilgrims spend a fair amount of time traveling, always looking for new pianos, audiences and fellow pilgrims. Many of those we’ve met or watched playing in real life, some are found online.

We do realize footage below isn’t exclusively about Public Pianos and some of these players aren’t exacly amateurs, but all these moments have a simple thing in common: They bring a smile to our faces, a tear of joy sometimes…

Kindly make sure to drop us a line when there’s an obvious moment of beauty missing!

Top 10 – Favorite Footage

106:32Michael Pollack plays to Billy Joel, live!Every Kids dream, regardless the Hero of duty...
204:14Terry Miles' Brawl at a Birmingham MallWatch the twist at 02:41 and the handshake!...
304:10Street Performer brings Audience to TearsHope to meet Mr. Colin Huggins and play together one day.
402:31Piano for Thai Mother and Baby ElephantMr. Paul Burton deserves our biggest respect, check other recitals.
503:52Chicago's Union Station Magical PianoIf only we'd been around that Christmas....
603:37Random 3-way encounter went viral!We know it was random, since we were live witnessing them 🙂

Meet the Organizers – Favorite footage

Top 10 – Articles

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