Hi folks, welcome to WorldPianos.org! Have you ever experienced the joy of making music with or for complete strangers? Have you ever enjoyed listening to an occasional musician in public space? Well, stick around, we’ve listed 3297 Public Pianos (past, present and future) for you to enjoy!

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Update July 1st: We’ll be out there playing over Summer and look forward to get back in August with fresh memories!

Heroes (1) – Piano Without Borders (Uganda)

“Public Pianos give people an opportunity to connect”, what else is new?! So far we spoke about connecting in places like Central Park uptown Manhattan or Lakeside Geneva. We blogged about meeting tourists and local bystanders, all with their own walks of life, but on average gifted amongst gifted people. Had we been born in…

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Musical Memories (4) – Storm to Rescue

Upon waking-up this morning, I knew I wanted to blog about a special memory made in Munich (DE) back in 2014. It’s a stormy Saturday, late afternoon and it’s been a tough week with rain and strong gusts of wind. Usually, that wouldn’t keep any of us away from the pianos, but more and more…

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Admin’s Log (2) – Sound Cloud

We consider Luke Jerram’s Streetpianos.com the founding fathers of public piano festivals, as mentioned before. Their concept – as far as we can tell – got displayed more than any other worldwide. Since Birmingham 2008, a whopping 2000+ pianos in more than 60 countries. As a result, you might find hundreds of press-coverages of their…

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