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June 2021

Pforzheim (DE) – Spiel Mich 2021 – expect 13 pianos

June 19, 2021 - July 17, 2021
Pforzheim (DE) Pforzheim (DE), Germany + Google Map

After the sad but understandable cancellation of their 2020 edition, we’re glad to read the announcement for the June/July 2021 dust-up in Pforzheim! As most Spiel Mich festivals in Germany: well organized and documented on their Facebook site. Very much look forward to play their pianos one day! About the Pianos Some Spiel Mich cities – like Pforzheim – will offer either brand new or 2nd hand pianos without artwork, where others have their local artists and communities work on…

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Chicago (US-IL) – Pianos in the Parks 2021 – expect 7 pianos – dates TBC

June 21, 2021 - August 1, 2021
Chicago (US-IL) IL United States

6th edition of this multi-piano event in Chicago Illinois (assumed that Covid-19 will ruin the party in 2020 :-/). Kindly check the Pianos in the Parks Chicago - 2019 website for more details. Shame on us we never played any of the Chicago Park District pianos… Yet! Over the years the pianos have been placed/played - and sometimes moved arround at: - ATHLETIC FIELD PARK - BESSEMER PARK - BUTTERCUP PARK - CHICAGO’S WOMEN’S PARK & GARDEN - JACKSON PARK…

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Fort Collins (US-CO) – Pianos About Town – Unreveal Party 2021 – expect 12 new pianos

June 24, 2021 - September 7, 2022
Fort Collins (US-CO) Fort Collins (US-CO), CO United States + Google Map

12th edition of Fort Collins Colorado - Pianos About Town. With an average 20 pianos during summer and 6 year-round, this became a never ending party for any street piano player 🙂 First, read all about 100 Pianos Of Fort Collins - The Colorado Sound. About the Pianos Note that the number of pianos in the EVENT TITLE, reflects the newly introduced pianos only! With a maximum 2 year life on the streets for those pianos, that’s how Pianos About…

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Dülmen (DE) – Mach Musik – 2021 – 7 pianos – dates TBC

June 27, 2021 - July 25, 2021
Dülmen (DE) Dülmen (DE), Germany

Mach Musik (" Make Music") is becoming an annual party in Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen), with more to it than "just" pianos. What remains :-): 7 pianos on display that hopefully we'll play someday! About the Pianos Some Spiel Mich cities – like Dülmen – will use either brand new or 2nd hand pianos without artwork, where others have their local artists and communities work on those pianos with passion and creativity. More than in the US, Spiel Mich usually assigns pianos…

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July 2021

Montreal (CA-QC) – Montreal Public Pianos 2021 – expect 50 pianos – dates TBC

July 1, 2021 - October 1, 2021
Montreal (CA-QC) Montreal, Quebec Canada + Google Map

9th edition to this Montreal Quebec (Canada) public piano festival. Montrealers far and wide are invited to play a note on these colourful and beautifully-decorated pianos! Public Pianos was the brainchild of the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough and was based on the success of a similar program in NYC (Play Me I'm Yours and later Sing for Hope). Looking at the 2019 piano map 2021 will probably look something like this in various Montreal areas / arrondissements: Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce 01. Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce 02. Centre…

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Karlsruhe (DE) – Spiel Mich 2021 – expect 15 pianos – dates TBC

July 6, 2021 - August 8, 2021
Karlsruhe (DE) Karlsruhe (DE), Germany

Spiel Mich Karlsruhe sadly but smartly, in hind-sight annouced skipping 2020, bringing their pianos back to the streets in summer of 2021. We hope 2021 will be our chance to return to Karlsruhe and play all of their pianos! No exact numbers of pianos known at this time so we'll keep an eye on their website. About the Pianos Some Spiel Mich cities will use either brand new or 2nd hand pianos without artwork, where others – like Heilbronn –…

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Heilbronn (DE) – Spiel Mich 2021 – expect 11 pianos – dates TBC

July 13, 2021 - August 14, 2021
Heilbronn (DE) Heilbronn, Germany + Google Map

After the sad but understandable cancellation of their 2020 edition, another 11 pianos expected in Heilbronn. We played quite a few multi-piano Events in Germany but we've yet to check in at “Spiel Mich Heilbronn”. Hope to play their pianos in 2021 after all! Heilbronn is a smaller venue to visit, close to Karlsruhe and Pforzheim, so you're in a very active Public Piano region. Look forward to go there, this year or the next! About the Pianos Some Spiel…

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August 2021

Everett (US-WA) – Street Tunes – 2021 – expect 19 pianos

August 5, 2021 - August 25, 2021
Everett (US-WA) Everett, WA United States

12th edition of this multi-piano event in Everett Washington. Since 2010, they've put out no less than a staggering 175 street pianos! About the Pianos Looking at 11 years of their footage and public's reaction to it, they're really doing a great job with their beautifully art-worked pianos. About the Venue/Event Shame on us, but so far we've never visited Everett (WA), so kindly check the venue-URL for all beauty they've got! Here's a map of their 2019 pianos. About…

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September 2021

San Francisco Botanical Garden (US-CA) – Sunset Piano/Flower Piano 2021 – expect 12 pianos – dates TBC

September 6, 2021 - September 19, 2021
San Francisco Botanical Garden (US-CA), 1199 9th Ave
San Francisco Botanical Garden, CA 94122 United States
+ Google Map

After the sad but understandable cancellation of their 2020 edition, here’s another 12 beautifully located pianos in San Francisco’s Botanical Garden. It's at least 2 events into 1: Sunset Piano and Flower Piano. 12 Pianos, 12 days, this has become a annual addiction to many players and visitors. Playing this Event in 2018, we very much fell in love with the Venue (ever played in a Botanical Garden?!?), the beautifully placed grand pianos and the people in the park. We…

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January 2023

London – Public Piano players Heaven

January 1, 2023
London (GB) London (GB), United Kingdom + Google Map

Had there been a worldwide ranking for Public Piano cities, Greater London, England, United Kingdom would definitely be in the top 5. So many initiatives, so many Events, year-round pianos and consequently so much history. About the Organizers Since UK-based Luke Jerram ignited the Public Piano Boom back in 2008, numerous initiatives took over the streets of London. Here’s a taste of various flavors:   Play Me I'm Yours - London - Too bad that PMIY are no longer actively…

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Play it Forward (SQ) – 21 pianos on continuous display

January 1, 2023
Singapore (SG) Singapore (SG), Singapore + Google Map

Since March 2016, adjacent to the multi Streetpiano Events (2 simultaneous- actually), there are multiple Pianos on continuous display pianos throughout Singapore. We'll be happy to tell you more about this Organizer and their Pianos. For now, please check their Play it Forward map of pianos! Play it Forward (SQ)

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PianoMitsuketa.com – Japan-wide Public Pianos – Year-round

January 1, 2023
Japan (JP) Japan + Google Map

We're extremely happy to get a tip from a befriended Piano Pilgrim (@Yukena53) about a Japanese (language) website, specialized in Public Pianos on Japanese soil! At the moment we initially visited the site, they aired no less than 180 pianos, hip hip hurray! :-). Of course, we’re not copying any of their information, just take a deep and humble bow before we point you straight at their website PianoMitsuketa.com (which translates as: "Piano found" or "Piano spotted".) If you’re unable…

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Austria & Germany – Open Piano for Refugees – Year-round

January 1, 2023
Austria (AT) Vienna, Austria + Google Map

We've been privileged to play our first “Open Piano for Refugees” since the start of the program. It’s a pretty much year-round event moving from city to city, spread mainly over 2 neighbor countries: Germany and Austria, with tours through Denmark and Sweden so far. When you're playing, you're busking for a good cause: About the Pianos The pianos aren't exactly moving from city to city, it's the program that's moving, relying on local partners providing local baby-grands. One even…

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Glasgow (GB) – Glasgow Piano City – Year-round

January 1, 2023
Glasgow (GB) Glasgow (GB), United Kingdom + Google Map

We'll be happy to tell you more about Glasgow Piano City in Scotland, United Kingdom, once we've played their pianos in June 2020 (post-script: guess what, flights got canceled... 🙁 ), we'll have to make new plans to play this great city and meet the great people behind Glasgow Piano City! Piano-name . . . Locations (latest update July 27th 2020): Calisia . . . at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Libby . . . at Waterstones ( 2nd floor bar…

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Melbourne (AU) – Piano Map

January 1, 2023
Melbourne (AU) Melbourne (AU), Australia + Google Map

Melbourne Piano School is inspired to create a map of pianos in public spaces in Melbourne. We all know they're out there.. hidden away in cafes, restaurants, community centres, galleries, etc.. but Melbourne Piano School needs your help to find them and to make beautiful maps like these! If you'd like to stay updated on the pianos in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, just Like or Connect them on Facebook! The Public / Community pianos on this map are: Arts Centre Melbourne…

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Canary Wharf London (GB) – 5 pianos – Year-round

January 1, 2023
London Canary Wharf (GB) London Canary Wharf (GB), United Kingdom + Google Map

We were happy to be present on World Piano Day 2019 (March 29th) during the launching week of 5 new Public Pianos at Canary Wharf, England, United Kingdom. For the first 5 days, those pianos were played during lunchtime by various professional players, building up towards World Piano Day March 29th. Piano - Vintage Cassette Recorder The pianos are placed in shopping malls, but be sure to play (or attend) the one at Crossrail Place Roof Garden, it’s a special…

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