Occasionally, we get these fantastic tips from friends and relatives around the globe. Any Public Piano spotting – without exception – is well appreciated, eventually investigated on the web before getting published. Some of these turn out to be Close Encounters of the Third Kind and will lead to future travel itineraries, no doubt!

This Public Piano is a white baby-grand, located on the Italian side of the border with France and Switzerland at a cable-car intermediate station “Pavillon the Mountain” at 2173 meter / 7129 feet. Although not the Highest altitude grand piano performance ever recorded, playing this one is really top-of-the-world!

Meet the Mont-Blanc (Monte Bianco in Italian language) baby-grand…

(oh and yes, our friend is still wearing her ski-helmet, while playing an early morning song…)

Skyway Monte Bianco
Strada Statale 26dir 48
11013 Courmayeur, Aosta, Italy

Since this is the Lower station address, note the beautiful way up to the intermediate station “Pavillon the Mountain”. It’s up to you really: It’s either a “rather steep climb” or a cable-car ticket to get to this Public Piano, but – like an air-side piano on any airport – some costs might be involved to reach this jaw-dropping location piano…



Our friends played it in April 2019, so we’re on our way…


Stay safe and enjoy high-altitude playing!

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