We love playing Public Pianos, wherever, whenever. We cherish musical interaction with new communities, using a carefully art-worked pianos as an opening line. Doing so, we tempted hidden musicians from 2 to 92 world-wide to come out of the woodwork and experience the joy of making music in public space.

To play those pianos, we need to find them first. Our website helps us keeping track of numerous single-piano initiatives, multi-piano Events and the organizations behind them. We aim to:


  • Invite you to join any of the Events we’ve carefully listed. All of them are free and open to the public, either as a player, a listener, a singer, a photographer, an arts-lover or just an occasional visitor to some interesting outskirts of our globe.
  • Invite you to experience the adhesive effect of locally art-worked pianos on their surrounding communities.
  • Invite you to contribute to our collection of Public Pianos (past / present / future). No need saying we’d be very grateful to anyone helping us keep a clean database with accurate info.


  • We’ll happily share some reflections on Public Piano Events we’ve attended over the years. We’ve been privileged to inspire many out there – and many others inspired us! – while playing on the streets. This site aims to show the beauty of those community promotions in different ways.
  • In a different blog category, we’ll give you our thoughts on songs that inspired us and at least one other. Let’s see what works for you!
  • In the process of creating this website we dug-up some interesting articles & videos, learned some interesting things ourselves, so time permitting we’ll share some of that too.
  • Any single one of you that would get inspired someday, somewhere – as a player, a volunteer, any kind of contributor – would make this site a success.


  • We never heard a more compact and on-target statement on Public Pianos than this one:

    Our pianos give people an opportunity to connect

    We aim to share a few of our own-experienced manifestations of that one word: connect.

  • Many of the organizing labels behind our beloved pianos have warm-welcoming mission statements and compelling stories on the results of their efforts. This site is a humble salute to all those organizations and we look forward to connect to them too!
  • Last but not least: Be welcome to leave your comments, suggestions, your contributions to an up-to-date collection of playable pianos out there. We look forward to connect to you if you reach out.
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