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World Piano Day – 2021

March 29, 2021

88 keys on a full-keyboard piano, 88 days on this year’s calendar, that’s Word Piano Day!

After a disastrous 2020 edition – with most of us in lock-down or heading for it, due to Corona/Covid-19 – 2021 will be a new chance to celebrate our beloved intstrument! Several organizations want you to believe it’s yet another commercial feast, well it’s not! It’s a worldwide initiative lasting a few days with dozens-if-not-hundreds of different events around the globe organized by as many different organizations. For us, it’s World Public Piano Day of course! 🙂

Our humble suggestions for YOUR contribution to World Piano Day


If you’re a piano player

  • Call a local elderly home and ask – pandemic permitting! – if you could play for their residents on this special day. Most of them have at least one piano, so why not share your talent with a grateful community…
  • Call a local elementary school, and ask – pandemic permitting! – if they have a piano and if so, if you could play for the youngsters or even better, give them 15 minutes lessons towards a nice duet with you. Most of you will know something simple that sounds great 3- or 4-handed. Easy does it, 15 minutes each to mesmerize a next generation. No school on this particular Saturday? We’re sure you’ll figure something out!
  • More and more hospitals adopt a piano in public space, for the simple reason that music contributes to healing processes for many out there. Call one of these hospitals to ask – pandemic permitting! – if you could share you talent on this special day.
  • Find your nearest Public Piano, put up a small sign on top of it stating “World Piano Day” and give us what you got! If that particular piano doesn’t show on our website, please let us know where to find it!

Be sure we’ve practiced all of the above and got loads of kind reactions to it!

If you own a piano (and no one is playing it anymore these days)

  • Advocate World Piano Day and see if you or one of your family members gets inspiration from it to pick up playing. See you next year on one of the great Events worldwide 😀
  • Find out if there’s a local piano recycling program – there’s quite a few out there – towards a 2nd or 3rd life for the instrument. Picture YOUR piano being a welcome donation to Public Piano Event Organisers and all the players using it afterwards… Most of these organizations will collect it at your home for free, regardless what floor you live on.

If none of the above

And finally

Let us give a few different sites of where to keep track of new events for this year. We’re yet to meet the people behind those sites, but we’re confident they’re piano at heart…!

Stay safe, enjoy playing, but most of all, enjoy World Piano Day!


March 29, 2021
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