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New York (US-NY) – Sing For Hope Pianos 2019 – 50 Pianos

June 3, 2019 - June 23, 2019

From the heart of Manhattan to the Bronx, on to Rockaway Park. Next day from Flushing to Staten Island, Sing For Hope Pianos (SFH) is something special. Actually, it’s become one of our favorites during the year’s calendar!

We just returned from playing SFH 2019 and once again, it was a blast! Our favorite pianos this year: Tribeca Park (super location, lots of bystanders and people sitting in the park, beautiful artwork, great piano), Central Park and of course Poe Park (piano placed inside – so playable even during rain showers – but mainly for the friendliest staff on the planet!).

About the Pianos

We played quite many of the SFH pianos over the years. In general they are:

  • Beautifully art-worked with extensive credits to the artists and assisting teams.
  • Well maintained, tuned, timely opened daily, closed during rain showers etc.
  • Comparably easy to find, given the info on the SFH website AND their really useful Sing for Hope App (Apple only so far). It allows you to navigate to your next piano, check-in upon arrival, building your own trail throughout the city.
  • Part of a perfect Street-piano 1 year lifecycle! Pianos come from the community, get art-worked, serve as a public piano for everyone, then get permanently placed in a variety of community organizations. How cool is that?! Make sure to read page-5 for a nice SFH NYC Street-piano lifecycle overview.

About the Venue/Event

We’re not pretending to be Lonely Planet, so we’ll stick to the city and its pianos. With an annual 50 tot 88 public pianos and the sheer size of New York City, you can imagine you’ve got a few Miles ahead of you if you want to play them all. Our tip would be: get a multi-day Metro card to cover the distances, then put your hiking boots to work!

During the 2018 edition, 51 SFH Pianos were outdoors from June 5-24 (happy to play 31 of those during our 3-day visit). Since then, all of the Pianos have been placed in permanent homes in public schools and community centers across New York. How cool is that?! Special feature in 2018 was a mobile piano built into the back of a car – a sponsored Mini – let’s hope something similar will return for this year’s event.

New York (US-NY) - Sing For Hope Pianos 2019502019-06-052019-06-24singforhope.org/pianos/
New York (US-NY) - Sing For Hope Pianos 2018512018-06-052018-06-24singforhope.org/pianos/2018-artists-map/
New York (US-NY) - Sing For Hope Pianos 2017502017-06-052017-06-25singforhope.org/pianos/2017-pianos/
New York (US-NY) - Sing For Hope Pianos 2016502016-06-062016-06-222016 Introduction clip & Interview
New York (US-NY) - Sing For Hope Pianos 2015882015-06-152015-07-02singforhope.org/pianos/
New York (US-NY) - Sing For Hope Pianos 2013882013-06-012013-06-16singforhope.org/pianos/
New York (US-NY) - Sing For Hope Pianos 2011882011-06-182011-07-02singforhope.org/pianos/
New York (US-NY) - Streetpianos PMIY 2010602010-06-212010-07-24streetpianos.com/nyc2010/

We made countless pictures during our visit and at least as many memories…

About the Organizer

This non-profit was co-founded by musicians Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus. Although largely depending on volunteers, Sing For Hope is as professional as you’ll find them around the globe. They learned from other multi-piano concepts, then Americanized and perfected it.

SFH New York is something special with countless activities and festivals for the community, inside and well outside NYC. Visit their website to learn about their vision and achievements, in one word amazing!

Website:    https://www.singforhope.org/pianos/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sing4hope/
Twitter:      https://twitter.com/SingForHope
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/singforhope/

Bottom line: highly recommended! Put on your hiking boots and start chasing the NYC Pianos in June, I’m sure you’ll have at least the fun we did over past years.

Stay safe, have fun playing!


June 3, 2019
June 23, 2019
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New York City (US-NY)
New York (US-NY), United States


Sing For Hope Pianos – NYC (US-NY)