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Fulda (DE) – Spiel Mich 2020 – expect 3 pianos

July 11, 2020 - September 5, 2020

Glad to see a 2nd edition to Fulda (DE) Spiel Mich (“Play Me” in German language). It’s a nice smaller village in Germany, not too far away from Frankfurt.

About the Pianos

Clear announcement from the organizer: A disinfectant for hands and piano keys is of course available for all piano players. Pianos are open 8am to 6pm.

Pianos located at:

  • First piano located at Fulda Bahnhof (train station)
  • More pianos will be placed and announced
    • In general:

    • Some Spiel Mich cities will use either brand new or 2nd hand pianos without artwork, where others have their local artists and communities work on those pianos with passion and creativity. We’ve yet to find out about Fulda’s preference…
    • More than in the US, Spiel Mich usually assigns pianos to shopkeepers or other property operators. Upside is that they’ll be the best buddies you could imagine to “their” piano. Hence, you’ll find pianos in above-average condition, which is great! Downside is that whenever de shop closes, the piano is stored inside and no longer playable for the day. Add to that some German cities keep their shops closed on Sundays, so plan you trip if you go out there to play.

    About the Venue/Event

    Kindly check the Fulda venue link below. We love to play in Germany in general with nice people, lots of skilled players and interested bystanders.

    “Play me – that’s what Fulda sounds like” – this was the motto under which City Marketing set up a piano on Saturday at the train station in front of Café Pappert. Everyone is cordially invited to show their musical arts on the piano. The so-called street pianos should decorate even more places in Fulda in the coming time. Not only beautiful to look at, but also particularly nice to listen to.

    About the Organizer

    “Spiel Mich” (German language for Play Me) is a series of local initiatives throughout Germany. We haven’t found a linking pin yet between those organizations, but for sure they’ve been inspired by one another. Since we’ve played quite a few of these Events over the years, we can assure you that we’ve met the same German piano players in various corners of the country.

    Hope to play their pianos one day!

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