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Austria (AT) & Germany (DE) – Year-round pianos

December 31, 2021

About the year-round pianos

If ever you’d ask yourself why our website shows TWO sovereign countries as ONE year-round piano event, know this about Austria (AT) & Germany (DE):

  • Austria and Germany have a long shared history together, with German being the official language of both countries. Since both are member states of the Schengen-agreement, you could miss the border in the blink of an eye.
  • From Public Piano point of view, these two countries share a common and long-lasting initiative called Open Piano for Refugees, as you’ll see in below map.
  • As for the Year-round pianos: only few of below pianos would be playable year-round, but together you’ll notice you can have piano keys at your fingertips at any given day! Add the excellent airports and public transport to it and you’ll be on your way!



About the organizers

It’s quite an extensive list. Although they’ve obviously been inspired by one another, the “Spiel Mich” events are local or regional initiatives. When you’re playing in Germany and Austria, you’ll notice everything is thouroughly organized and regulated. We love to play there!


December 31, 2021
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Austria (AT) & Germany (DE)


Open Piano for Refugees
Spiel Mich – Dortmund (DE) – German language for: “Play Me”
Spiel Mich – Dülmen (DE) – German language for: “Play Me”
Spiel Mich – Fulda (DE) – German language for “Play Me”
Spiel Mich – Hamburg Bergedorf (DE) – German language for: “Play Me”
Spiel Mich – Heilbronn (DE) – German language for: “Play Me”
Spiel Mich – Karlsruhe (DE) – German language for: “Play Me”
Spiel Mich – Pforzheim (DE) – German language for: “Play Me”
Spiel Mich and der Isar – München (DE) – German language for: “Play Me at the Isar river”

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